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The Green Dance School! 

Recycling and cycling dancers


Think recycle

As we have many young dancers we think its really important to set a good example and preserve the planet for them. To this end we are always looking to promote a green minimal waste approach. We therefore provide facilities to promote green living. This includes a bike rack for cycling to classes at the Studio. We also ask dancers to think about packaging and recycling. Plus we keep the use of paper to a minimal. Why not join us?

  1. Change the way you commute. Cycle to the studio. 

  2. Pack your lunch ahead of time with reusable containers.

  3. Use reusable water bottles and mugs. 

  4. Be conscious of your printing practices.

  5. We have a spot for your recyclables but where possible please take them home and dispose of appropriately. 




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Teen Volunteers
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