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Health & Safety

Dance Performance

· The Dance Studio School of Equality & Excellence Limited (DSR) takes its responsibility to ensure the safety of their pupils seriously.

· A copy of emergency contact numbers will be kept on class registers.

· It is the parent's responsibility to notify the school of any changes to their emergency contact details.

· In case of a Fire, all teachers have a clear understanding of responsibilities.

· DSR will undertake a regular assessment of risks regarding premises hired and any concerns will be raised with the providers.

· DSR is committed to ensuring all teachers/volunteers are competent to do their tasks and to give them adequate training.

· If required DSR will contact the emergency services first, then the parent/guardian of the student(s) involved using the telephone number on the class registers.

· Dance is an active sport, and whilst every effort is made to avoid them, injuries can happen. DSR accepts no responsibility for injuries sustained via any means other than a teacher's negligence.

· Pupils will be supervised during class time only and parents/carers must ensure the safety of their children in the waiting, changing and toilet areas.

· Students, parents or guardians should inform the teacher of any special health considerations or existing injuries before participating in class.

· Pupils should not wear any jewellery that may pose a risk to themselves or others.

Public Insurance Liability

DSR has public liability insurance, and the certificate will be produced when requested.

Date policies updated: 20/08/2021

If you would like to discuss further please ring Sharon on 07710 408473. 




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