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Privacy Policy Page

Image by Isaiah McClean

‘You’ and ‘I’ refers to the adult agreeing to these terms and conditions, whether on their own behalf or as the person responsible for the student.

‘You/your child’ and ‘Me/my child’ refers to the person who is taking classes with.

What sorts of information do we hold?

In our secure cloud-based database we have information about past, current, and possible future students. We do not share any personal data with anyone or any outside organisation unless we have express prior permission e.g., NATD examination board.

The information we hold includes:

Parents/Guardians: Name, address, email, home phone and mobile numbers.

Students: Name, date of birth, examination PIN number, and any medical conditions that we have been advised about the student. We keep track of the classes the students have attended and shown interest in.

This information is necessary for the running of The Dance Studio School of Equality & Excellence Limited.

Date policies updated: 20/08/2021

If you would like to discuss further please ring Sharon on 07710 408473. 




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