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Private Lessons & Instructors

If you would prefer a couple or one to one tuition we have options for you. Either as half an hour or hour lessons, bring on your dancing at a quicker rate. This will also give you the chance to really get to grips with that cha cha cha technique or utilise Sharon's sure-fire technique for teaching the fleckle in the waltz! We can cater for that one-off special dance, team build or competition-ready performance. Please click on the Private Lesson button above.



Sharon is the Principal dance instructor and one of the most qualified dance individuals on the planet! Sharon can teach you many forms of dance from salsa to west coast swing through to the ballroom and Latin dances and on to traditional forms from France and Austria that influenced modern-day dancing. She has represented the UK at the International level and is well known in the dancing world. Having taught German national teams and guest teaching in places such as Malta, she trained team Barbados for Blackpool. She teaches at many Berkshire private schools and is the Ballroom dance teacher at Reading University. Sharon has also just begun judging on the dance circuit. This is not a surprise as we all know she is all-seeing when it comes to dancing technique! However, the stand out point about Sharon is her amazing teaching methods...If anyone can get you past two left feet its Sharon and her team.



One of the top dancers in his category and with his partner Jackie has just been called up to represent Great Britain! Gary can be found most weekends in a final somewhere in the country. His teaching style is very relaxed and calm, along with a great sense of humour. He becomes as much a friend as a teacher.

Debbie and Eric

Debbie and Eric currently compete nationally and bring on adult beginners. They have stand out style ...not just in dancing and are a great exponent of what can achieve with dedication. 



Lorraine is a legend on the dance circuit and if you ever have the pleasure of seeing in action she is in that category of dancers that you cannot take your eyes off as she glides around the floor with perfect skill and timing. She now has a young family of her own and is achieving great results with our next generation of aspiring dancers.

ballroom dancing in Reading Sharon Vickers teacher latin ballroom waltz quick step samba
Gary ballroom dancing in Reading waltz quick step tango cha cha cha samba jive
Gary ballroom dancing in Reading waltz quick step tango cha cha cha samba jive
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